Saturday, 11 February 2017

Top Notch Staff

Thank you very much to the fabulous staff team who were so high profile with all the children, working around the clock with energy, enthusiasm and humour, always providing great care and attention. All the staff have taken lots more photographs which we will add here after the holiday. We look forward to building on the new friendship bonds and greater confidence and independence established over the week. It was a privilege to accompany such an excellent group.

Ms Anstruther

Mr Howie
Mr Hutchison, Miss Rogerson, Miss Stewardson
Miss Beziat

Miss Stewardson

Miss Beziat, Miss Stewardson, Miss Rogerson, Mr Howie

Mr Hutchison
Mr Howie and Miss Rogerson
Mr Hutchison and Miss Rogerson
Miss Rogerson

Miss Stewardson

Miss Rogerson
Miss Stewardson

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